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My name is Jesana Rodrigues, born in Brazil and at the age of 20 years i moved to Belgium, where I lived 17 years of my life and built a beautiful family, I am mother of 3 beautiful children.

My passion for eyebrows started 20 years ago, just for personal need, but then I decided to do a professional course in eyebrow design.

After the course, I started to have a great demand for my work, because everyone said that I had talent in the area of beauty and it was something spontaneous in me.

I was reluctant for many years to fully launch myself into this immense universe of PMU and Makeup Artistic.

But when I decided, I looked for the best training and professionals in the field. I had the privilege of being trained by great names in the semi-permanent makeup world from Russia, Europe and Brazil and I feel very happy to offer the best to my clients.

A few videos and pics speaks more than a thousand words...

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Portugal ->

Check what hundreds of my happy clients are saying around the world...

(there are other languages other than English)

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