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Microblading Pre and After Care





  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • Do not wear any make-up to your appointment.

  • Ensure hair is tied back (or you bring a hair tie with you)

  • Do not attend sunbeds for 1 week prior to your appointment

  • Do not have any facials 1 week prior to your appointment

  • Avoid consuming any substances that can dissolve blood (e.g. Aspirin) 1 week prior to your appointment

  • Avoid weighty food and alcohol 24 hours prior

  • Avoid medicines that can impact blood vessel dilation






  • Wash your brows with sterile water (boiled water cooled down or bottled water if you are out) every hour until bedtime. Ensure your hands are thoroughly cleaned before doing this.
    Before bed, apply a thin layer of aftercare cream. (Always use just a thin layer of aftercare cream. A thin layer always goes a long way and this ensures your skin can still breathe)




  • In the morning, your brows will appear darker. THIS IS NORMAL. The darkness will fade after 3-4 days.
    When you wake up, wash the brows one final time with sterile water, just like the previous day. After this, do not wet the brows again until all flakiness is gone (approximately 1 week).
    After washing your brows, apply a thin layer of aftercare cream.
    You should now apply aftercare cream to your brows twice daily for 4 weeks.
    If you find your brows are itchy or very dry, you can apply an additional thin layer of aftercare cream through the day.





  • Wear any make-up for 24 hours MINMUM (Preferably 1 week)

  • Pick/scratch the brows. If they are itchy, gently tap them with clean fingers

  • Attend sun beds for 4 weeks

  • Have exposure to direct sunlight for 2 weeks

  • Thread/Wax/Tint the brows for 4 weeks. If excess hair grows back, you can pluck.

  • Go to the gym for 48 hours.

  • Encourage excess sweating for 1 week

  • Attend saunas or steam rooms for 1 week

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